Google Ads Bidding Strategies : Save Money & Gain Success

Google Ads Bidding Strategies

Google Ads Bidding Strategies : Save Money & Gain Success

October 23rd, 2021

Right moves always lead you to the right way!

In the same way, when you are not are of the proper accumulation and investment of money you end up losing them.

When it comes to Google ads bidding strategies, you must be well acknowledged with its strategies before investing your hard-earned.

There are several bidding strategies you will find in Google ads account, changing the bidding strategy a single time can also lead to variation in the conversion levels.

This article will guide you through all the Google ads bidding strategies, their features, and benefits in the usage.

Whenever you launch a new campaign in your Google ads, you will have two options for bidding.

1. Automatic
2. Manual

Although most of the MCC account (My client center) users prefer Automatic since you won’t have to change the Google ad bidding back and forth for many client bases.

The results might not be all of a sudden and you will have to wait for the righteous time to have it.

You must have a brief knowledge about the 11 different Google Ads bidding strategies.

a. Target CPA (Cost per Acquisition)


Target CPA will be beneficial to you if you predominant will for higher conversion rates. You can optimize your conversion rates and focus on converting users to a particular Acquisition cost.

With the help of Target CPA, your Google ads will perpetually decide your bid on every campaign according to your CPA. It may charge you more for any specific conversion and even less for the rest with your acquisition value.

To avoid any complications, you must have a good understanding of your Acquisition rates, which is basically the sum of money you can afford on spending to gain one customer.

b. Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)


Target ROAS is a percentage-based Google ads bidding strategy which requires calculations and mathematics since it works on loops.

Here Google ads will put up bids to the utmost conversion value based on the interest you want from your ad spent.

For a better understanding, look down for the formula:

TROAS = (Sales / Ads spend) X 100

c. Maximize Conversions


This is considered to be smart bidding Google ads offered on the plate because of its simplicity and convenience in usage.

Primarily it Google ads bidding tool uses the maximum daily budget that will be decided and set by you and will invariably run bidding for you to grab the maximum conversion from your money.

Google ads will wisely decide the spent from your budget therefore make sure to set your daily budget with a decent amount for your affordable spending.

Finally check the return on investment at the end of the campaign whether you got the most of the conversion of your spend.

This bidding strategy will not ask you to enter any details over the setup except the daily budget.

d. New Maximum Conversion Value.


This Google ads bidding strategy has been the latest version of maximum conversion value with an upgraded algorithm to give you a higher conversion rate.

The only variation you will that you will not have to state the Target ROI.

Trust the algorithm and wait for the best conversion mechanism to work over it.

e. Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)


These Google ads bidding tech is a blend of manual and smart bidding strategies. All you need to enter is the basic CPC, keywords and the algorithm does all the rest and optimizes accordingly.

Your bidding amount is also varied by Google ads based on the probability of running the sales. The bidding is mostly in an average of the max cost per click settings.

For an instance, If a search is highly competitive and so is the CPC with a pinhole-sized possibility of conversion then Google will lower the bid to cost less.

Similarly, with an easy prowl kind of search with not so high CPC, Google takes it down by increasing the bids.

You have better hand over to choose either the algorithm to build up your set bids based on the plain number of conversions or boost for the value of the conversion.

f. Maximum Clicks


Maximum Clicks is a fine option if you either have a tight and limited budget or limited keyword search volume for your campaigns.

Quality or significance of the traffic is not into its optimization criteria and should not be opted for driving sales.

Google ads will just strive to drive up the maximum clicks possible with your already set daily budget.

g. Manual CPC Bidding


This bid strategy by Google ads hands over more power to you as suggested by its name itself, Manual. But with more power over you, the more time-consuming it is.

You will have to give more time for keeping an eye on the cost and change accordingly on your own.

MCPC bidding by Google ads will allow you to set bids for the different campaigns on your own where you can judge whether a particular term or keyword gives you more profit than the rest, if so then you must switch your budgets to add or remove money from another campaign.

It will be a heck of work for using Manual CPC if you are dealing with too many campaigns.

h. Cost per thousand Impression (CPM)


These Google ads bidding technique is wholly differentiated with impressions.

This is not a measure for search optimization networking. This is basically engaged for Display Networking.

i. Cost per thousand Viewable Impression (vCPM)


vCPM is the choicest strategy for campaign-related brand awareness.

Since this is also a type of bidding and is commonly used for Display Network and YouTube ads, this bidding will set your maximum costs viewable to 1000 impressions.

It takes account of viewable impression after 2 secs of the video played on YouTube or 1 secs of the display ads shown in the display network.

j. Cost Per View Bidding (CPV)


This bidding is strictly reserved for video playing advertising on Google ads and can be used for YouTube ads Manifesto.

There are 4 reactions indulged on YouTube:

1. Companion Posters
2. Cards
3. Clicks on Call to Action
4. Overlay Clicks

The term “TERM” is the time that someone watches your video else known to be the duration.

A View is added when someone does watch your video for 30 seconds of your Google ad, your entire ads, or somewhere engaged with your Google ad.

h. Target Impression Share Bidding


This Google ads bidding strategy is one of the latest and the effective ones. This smart bidding strategy is a kingpin over brand awareness and vast mass reach.

To be more specific, enter your goal percentage of impression (Percentage impression share is the objective or goal that is affected by your bids and quality score per Google ads group and Google ads)

The impression should not be a covenant that your ads of since that may be present at the lower ads position.

Although this can be very well used for your own branded search campaign and restricted key search for your brand.

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Bonus Infographic Guide


11 Bidding Strategies you should know for Google Ads

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In a Nutshell


Starting up with a new campaign won’t be easy; you need to take several crucial decisions just like the choice of bidding strategy. A simple mistake can be a major loss in the future.

Therefore it’s highly essential to go through and access your goals before selecting any of the Google ads bidding strategies.

Be Specific with your goals and better results will be generated.

Once done, you can easily start up with your campaign in Google ads without worries. Wish you all the best for the start.


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